Friday, August 18, 2017

The following Payment Terms and Conditions are valid for all ESPACE networks clients. These terms are subject to change at any time without warning and should be read prior to each order the client places with ESPACE networks, and while any amount due is outstanding.

Development Terms

ESPACE networks may provide development estimates that are valid for 3 months.
Estimate amounts are non-negotiable. If the actual work takes less then estimated, ESPACE networks will credit client’s account for the difference.
The estimate is considered approved after a 50% deposit is made, or after a verbal, written, or emailed request to begin work. Remaining balance is due after the site is completed.
ESPACE networks reserves the right to, considering client’s payment history, require a full initial payment for the estimate approval.
If 50% deposit is made and the work is started, any change of scope or adding new functionalities by client will be charged additionally at regular hourly rate of $100. These charges will be billed to client upon project completion.
If the website is not released within the 3 months of the project start due to client's unavailability, client not providing content or due to client's personal issues, client agrees to make the remaining payment.
The client is entirely responsible for editorial content on the website. If client cannot provide the content on the specified schedule, payment is still required and ESPACE networks will publish the website with demo content.
If the website is not released within 3 months of the project start, the client agrees to pay for regular Joomla maintenance of $79.99/mo.
The client agrees to make a full payment before the site is transferred to another host.
The client agrees to pay for the cost of domain name ESPACE networks purchased for the client.
The client agrees to pay for the cost of SSL certificate ($29.99/yr) and the cost of its set up.
The client agrees to pay for the cost of images used in website template development.
The client agrees to pay for the cost of the extensions used in website development.
ESPACE networks reserves the right, and the client agrees, to assign subcontractors to project to insure that the terms of this agreement are met as well as on-time completion.

Maintenance Clients Terms

ESPACE networks regular hourly rates are $100.
ESPACE networks provides 50% discount hourly rates for maintenance clients and they are $50/hr.
All ESPACE networks clients can prepay for certain blocks of time.
Website software updates are mandatory for security reasons for the site in development and will be billed to client at hourly rate for maintenance clients of $50.
ESPACE networks sends the invoices for site maintenance and development as soon as possible, and they are NET 15, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Payment plans may be worked out under special circumstances.
Annual maintenance renewals include 10% discount. In case of maintenance termination no refund will be available for the annual payment.
Client’s website will be suspended if the payments are not made regularly. The client will be warned about suspension 7 days in advance.
Maintenance clients can switch between different maintenance plans. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by new maintenance plans.
Invoices sent to clients are considered approved, unless the client complains within 30 days of the invoice date.

Refund Terms

Refunds are available only for complete prepaid time blocks that are unused. ESPACE networks will not give a refund for initially made deposit after the template design is presented to and accepted by the client.
No refunds are available for already purchased domain names.
No refunds are available for already purchased SSL certificates.
No refunds are available for already purchased images.
No refunds are available after the site is released.

General Terms

Fees are quoted and payable in US dollars.
Statements may be sent as often as twice per month, or more often if necessary, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
Clients are able to review their billing information and make payments at any time in ESPACE networks client portal, at
ESPACE networks allows payments using different payment sources like: Certified/Bank Check payments, Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer. A payment may take time to clear, so the project will not be started until the payment is received and cleared.
ESPACE networks may provide notices to clients by posting them on our website, or by sending them to an email address that client previously provided. Website and email notices shall be considered received by client within 24 hours of the time posted or sent.
By making a payment to ESPACE networks client agrees to Payment Terms of Service.
ESPACE networks may change these Payment Terms of Service at any time. If you have any questions and/or comments about our Payment Terms of Service please call us, or contact us at